Advanced image editing or photoretouch, lighting, background change and other tweaking.

digital artwork

photomanip's big-brother, beyond photoretouch to create a complete surreal landscape or character.

logo design

Your name must be unique-looking and well done in order to communicate the best image of who and what you are.

cd artwork

Slim label, jewel case, foldable or digipack. Graphic design a single image as a front cover or a complete artwork for the album.

responsive web design

Simple responsive websites built in HTML5, CSS3, JS and Bootstrap 3 to ensure a good-look on every platform.


Flyers, banners, stickers, posters, foldable or every promoting material for events. Just tell what and when.

our mantra says:

hard work and dedication, as in music so in design.

"Being musicians ourself we know how far a passion can push you, no matter what, you have to reach the goal. The same dedication you put on practicing your instrument and music, we put it on the design."

Design and Destroy was born back in 2011 in Padova north-east Italy. Since the beginning the main duty has always rotated around the bands, especially metal bands, of the local scene. Creating flyers to promote gigs, designing logos or artworks for upcoming bands. When not working with a band we are always producing, to keep the bar high and improve. Even thought we are not limited to the music-design area, we know very well music ambient is our playground, why? Because we are musicians too, we are music nerds and we love what we do!

An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.

- James Whistler -

let's play togheter!

So how about to create some cool graphic design for your band? Or maybe you just wanna talk about music to develop your idea? That’s fine, graphic design and music is our daily job and passion, we’ll never get bored to talk about it! Write us or connect through social networks.